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Ferna Gummy Bubbles Tapioca Black Pearl Sago
Tapioca Pearls Mini
Tapioca Pearls
Tapioca Pearls Big
Tapioca Pearls Sago
ERSAO Tapioca Peals Sago
Black Tapioca Pearl

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We have found 7 products listed under Tapioca Pearls for sale being offered by suppliers and manufacturers. Tapioca pearls are translucent spheres; a product of tapioca, a starch extracted from the cassava root. They are also known as boba (a transliteration of the word "bubble"), or pearls when in bubble tea. Many are asking where to buy tapioca pearls. You can buy them from distributors and retailers in Manila and Quezon City as well as dealers in Cebu and Bacolod and other cities around the country.