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Your customers are here. Join them.

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Discover the right partners for your business with ease

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Burket?

Burket is an online B2B market network that intelligently matches the relevant products or services to the right buyer. It will automatically match products, promos, ads, supplier updates and product updates to the buyers of the same interest or industry. By capturing the buyer's profile, we would be able to feed the correct products to his news feed. Unlike traditional B2B sites that primarily relies on categories and product listing, buyers do not need to search for products or see clutters of unrelated products.

Burket is mainly suited for businesses and corporate buyers and suppliers who frequent marketplaces or look for or sell products and services regularly. Our system is designed for those with regular needs and purchases items on a regular basis. However, even if you don't regularly purchase, we still encourage you to sign-up and use Burket to look for anything you need.

As a seller, you are assured that your products, advertisements, promos and updates are directly pushed to the relevant buyers or customers. The process makes it more efficient and targeted compared to other marketplaces where your products and ads are published and shown to just about anybody. With Burket, you know that your target customers see your products. You also have the option to be a verified seller which gives your customers an assurance that you are a legitimate business. Aside from that, clients closer to you will see your updates and products more as we want clients to work with vendors closer to them so that deals are faster and easier.

It is easier for you to look for products as a buyer because Burket already knows your profile, your type of business or industry, we will feed you with relevant products and services. You will get updates, advertisements, promos and products that are directly related to your needs while we keep the clutter and unrelated stuff away from your homepage. However, you can still search for anything you like and eventually follow that certain product's category.

Burket is absolutely free for basic users. We do not charge you for any transaction since you directly transact with your buyer or supplier.

While we are building our network of suppliers and buyers, we will eventually release a Vendor Management System where buyers will be able to add new vendors, issue Purchase Orders to their selected vendors, request for quotation, monitor deliveries and have all the internal purchasing process automated and digitized in our system. You will have access to a full blown.

We are on Alpha!

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