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Wholesale B2B Marketplace and Vendor Management Solution

Tools to help you connect, buy, and sell.

Burket Marketplace and Vendor Management Solution


Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to endless possibilities

Increase the number of potential clients and partners by connecting with other professionals in your industry.

Uncover new markets, products, and services to grow your business through networking and collaboration on a B2B social network.

Improve communication and coordination with your partners and suppliers to enhance product and service quality to drive growth.

Build a stronger online presence, improve your reputation and showcase your expertise through the content you share.

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Burket Marketplace and Vendor Management Solution


Strengthen your vendor relationships and streamline procurement with our vendor management system.

Streamline procurement processes and reduce costs by automating tasks such as purchase order creation and invoice processing.

Automate your vendor onboarding and compliance processes to save time and reduce errors.

Enhance spend visibility and control by tracking procurement activity and managing budgets in real-time.

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Burket Marketplace and Vendor Management Solution


Unlock your business's full potential and reach new heights by selling on Burket

Increase sales channels and reach a wider audience of potential buyers for their business.

Enhance brand visibility and credibility by showcasing your products on a trusted and reliable B2B marketplace.

Increase revenue by tapping into new markets and finding potential customers that you may not have reached through traditional sales channels.

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Trusted by businesses of all sizes

Simple, easy-to-use, and integrated.


Get the best deals

Negotiate and receive pricing at factory or wholesale cost.


Discover homegrown businesses

Promoting local businesses from across the Philippines


Easy to use

No training required. Using Burket is as easy as any social networking sites.


No commission fees

We don't take fees from sales transactions.


Network building

Discover partners and qualified leads at no cost.



Connects with partners across industries.

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