Black Lapu-lapu Fillet
Red Coral Grouper
Red Coral Grouper Fillet
Tuna Sashimi Bar
Grilled Mackerel Saba Shioyaki
Organic Black Tiger Shrimp - Peeled
Organic Black Tiger Shrimp - whole
Whole Squid without ink
Red Tail Fusilier Fillet
White Clams
Crimson Snapper Fillet
Black Lapu-Lapu
Baby Cuttlefish
Mini Octopus
Tuna Poke Cubes
Wholesale  Spicy Tuyo (no label)
Squid Rings
Capitan Del Mar Spanish Style Sardines in Soybean Oil Hot (1 case/100s)
Capitan Del Mar Smoked Milkfish in Vacuum Pouch (1 case/10s)
Capitan Del Mar Smoked Milkfish in Vacuum Pouch (1 case/10s)
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