1UNIT Argon Regulator w/ Flowmeter Tig Welding Argon Gas
1PC Tig Ceramic Nozzle Cup Shield Tig Welding Tig Torch Stainless Steel
1PC Tig Switch Torch Switch Trigger With Wire Without Wire Tig Welding Stainless Steel Fabrication
1PC Tig Collet Body Tube Tungsten Tig Welding Stainless Steel
1KG Tig Clean Paste MQ-500 Pickling Paste Passivation Paste Acid Pickling Agent Stainless Steel
1PC 999 Buffing Soap Green Pasta Sabon Polishing Finishing Stainless Steel
1PC 4" Flap Disc Flexible Flap Disk Flexible Sanding Angle Grinder Pino Magaspang Stainless Steel
1PC Tungsten Electrode Tungsten Rod Tig Welding Rod Red Welding Electrode Stainless Stlee
1PC 6" Grinding Wheel Nylon Buffing Wheel Nylon Polishing Wheel Non-Woven for Stainless Steel
1PC 4" Buffing Disc for Grinder Buffing Disk Buffing Wheel Polishing Stainless Steel
Activated Carbon
Bentonite Waterstop, Hydrophilic Waterstop, Hydrophobic Waterstop, Swellable Waterstop
Waltek Silicone Sealant (Neutral)
Transglutaminase (TG-B)
Hollow Brick Making Machine
Skimcoat Ultra Thin Application Fillers and correction of Uneven Concrete Surface (20Kgs)
Brute Tile Adhesive and Renders (Palitada 25Kgs)
Bentonite Waterstop

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We have found 35 products listed under Building Consumables for sale being offered by suppliers and manufacturers. Building consumables include a wide range of essentials used in the construction industry, from adhesives and sealants to insulation materials and protective gear. Our collection of building consumables caters to all your construction needs with high-quality and durable products. Whether you are working on a commercial project or a residential one, we have got you covered. Our selection includes products such as tapes, caulks, firestop systems, joint sealants, waterproofing membranes, and more. All of our building consumables are designed to adhere to industry standards and safety requirements, ensuring that your construction project is completed efficiently and with utmost safety. Shop with us for all your construction needs.