ERSAO Tapioca Peals Sago

Locally manufactured quality black tapioca pearls sago

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ERSAO is the first company manufacturing Tapioca Pearls or Sago in the Philippines since year 2000. In fact, Sago is made of cassava flour and kamote flour. To make Milk Tea taste perfect, Sago is definitely the answer. Since Sago is made with flour, it is expected that once it is soaked in cold liquid it will be harder to chew, just like what will happen with noodles. In the market today, many other brands adopted the use of chemical acid to avoid it. Only ERSAO makes our choice to remain "not artificial" and our solution to it is Sago MUST ALWAYS BE FRESHLY COOKED WITH THE MAX STORAGE TIME OF FOUR(4) HOURS ONLY. This is what ERSAO has been persisting.

ERSAO's Tapioca Pearls has already passed the test in year 2006 when the banned BORAX ACID is commonly detected in the food product market. Now comes the MALEIC ACID issue which makes everyone panics. No worries for ERSAO Fans, we guarantee you ERSAO MIlk Tea's best match the SAGO is absolutely MALEIC FREE. Because BFAD is now unavailable for this test, ERSAO Head Office has sent abroad our Sago for Maleic Acid laboratory test. We will update this right away with the result soon! Enjoy feasting in ERSAO!