Abaca hand woven carpet & rugs

Abaca hand woven carpet & rugs

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Find the Right Design for you- 

You may want the simple or the complex type. The traditional or the one with a pattern. Finding the right deisgn should compliment the surroundings. If you have a very simple surrounding- you can go ahead and choose a more complicated pattern so that your abaca carpet will pop out.

Finding the right Shade- 

The Colors of the Abaca Fiber differ from the darkest (M1) Malay, Honey (JK), Tan (G) and Cream (S2). The colors depend in what part the abaca plant is harvested. The least amount harvested for each plant is the core where the S2 fiber (cream) is found.

Finding the right Size- 

you can make your own customized size! We can make as wide as 7m width to 24m length. (Although proper transportation and handling may be a bit of a concern).

Know your Weight: Which leads us to how heavy the carpet is- 

common question is if they need to place a rubber pad underneath. YES and NO... Yes if you want a softer feel, but it can also be a No since we can do without the extra layer-- we put latex backing on the underside of the carpet already so the traction is there and you would not slip and slide.

How do I take care of the carpet? 

We will send you a carpet care sheet after you purchase our carpet. So no need to worry!