Laser Marking Machine

UV Laser Marking and Engraving Machine

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Product Details

UV lasers use a highly absorptive wavelength (355 nm) to mark parts. This high absorption rate allows UV lasers to perform "cold marking," ensuring that no extra heat stress is applied to materials, including those with high reflectance such as gold, silver, and copper. This minimizes soot and burrs caused from typical marking and processing.

By passing a standard wavelength laser (1064 nm) through a non-linear crystal, the wavelength is reduced to 532 nm. This light is further passed through another crystal, effectively reducing its wavelength to 355 nm. As a result, UV lasers are commonly called third-harmonic generation lasers.

Compared with standard laser light (1064 nm) and green laser light (532 nm), UV laser light has a remarkably higher material absorption rate. This means the power does not need to be increased to create highly visible marks.