20 Power-packed Learning Modules that guarantees to fully-equip Sales Professionals with the needed sales knowledge, skills and strategies to ensure maximum performance and and deliver optimum results

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Our GCORE SALES SUCCESS COURSE is everything that a new or experienced sales professional needs to ensure consistent sales growth results. It does not only include valuable time-tested contents and activities, it also includes on-the-spot learning application to actual sales scenarios that ensures the effectiveness and credibility of the course.

Each enrollee to the course, upon enrollment will go through rigorous trainings and workshops facilitated by highly-experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME) from the same industry as the enrollee to ensure that every scenario and contents used are applicable and realistic.

Learning modules have a duration which varies from 1/2 day, 1-day up to 2 days depending on the topic.

The Learning Modules included in the GCORE SALES SUCCESS COURSE are as follows:

Fundamentals of Selling

Excellent Customer Service & Account Management

Effective Sales Leads Generation & Prospecting Workshop

Effective Sales Communication

Engaging Sales Proposal Creation

High Conversion Appointment-Setting

Power Sales Presentation Workshop

Marketing and Promotion Essentials

Effective Sales Qualifying

High Conversion Objection Handling Workshop

Power Sales Negotiation Workshop

Power Sales Closing Techniques

Creating and Delivering Effective Sales Scripts

Compelling Client Follow-up Techniques and Strategies

Effective Upselling

Consultative & Solution Selling

High Conversion Telemarketing and Phone Selling

Effective Social Media Marketing

Strategic Selling Techniques

Field Sales Professional Certification

Each enrollee, as an added benefit upon enrolling in the course, may avail of elective courses to further enhance their knowledge and skills with complementing learning modules as follows:

Professional Development & Image Enhancement

Stress Management

Productivity and Time Management

High-Impact Work Productivity Training

Strategic Cashflow and Finance Workshop

Sales Professional Development Seminar

Achieving Monster Goals Workshop

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