Dobbo B10 Wireless Sports Bluetooth Headphones

Soft silicone ear cap and magnetic neck hanging style

PHP 1,199.00/Piece

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Product Details

Model: B10

Bluetooth Version: 5.0

Speaker Size: 12mm

Standby Time: 180 Hours

Charging Time: 1.5 Hours

Waterproof: IPX5

A soft silicone ear cap that suits the contour of the ear and is comfortable for a long time is worn in the ear. Magnetic neck hanging style can be hung on the neck like fashion jewelry while not listening to music. Built-in memory wire that is both durable and non-deformable. Blind operation without strain, protruding button-type wire control, matte texture

How to turn on:

- Press and hold the MFB in the off state, you can hear the prompt tone: “Power on, enter pairing”, the red and blue lights flash simultaneously

- Switch between Chinese and English: Double-click the MFB when the Bluetooth is not connected, you can hear the prompt tone: "The English Language selected / You have chosen to Chinese", which means that the language status switch is completed. 

How to pair on devices: 

1) Switch on the phone's Bluetooth, scan for a Bluetooth device, and choose the corresponding device name from the phone's Bluetooth interface. The prompt tone "Bluetooth is connected" can be heard after establishing a Bluetooth connection.

2) The boot automatically joins the link after the headset completes the first pairing connection, and the headset is connected. The prompt "Bluetooth is connected" can be heard after the status.