Dobbo C11 Fast Charging Cable Wire

Available in two lengths: 120 cm and 200 cm

PHP 270.00/Piece

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Product Details

Product model: C11

Wire type: braided wire

Wire length: 120cm (1.2m), 200cm (2m)

Power output: 2.8A

Interface: Micro USB, Apple Lightning, Type-C

Product material: Oxidation-resistant aluminum alloy housing high strength fiber braided wire


Enjoy the freedom to choose with Dobbo C11! Dobbo C11 offers the same choice as C10 in terms of cable length while being reliable and affordable for every customer. It is designed with long-term usage in mind, making it a reliable cable wire that lasts.


Braided wire of your choosing - With braided wire, whether you pick short or long wire, the C10 will ensure that the wire will be resistant to bending and tangling.

2.8A output - The C10 is cable of charging faster regardless of the cable length thanks to its 2.8A power output.