Dobbo C10 Wired Cable 2.8A Fast Charging

Available in three lengths: 30/100/150cm Wired Cable

PHP 220.00/Piece

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Product Details

Product model: C10

Wire type: braided wire

Wire length: 30 cm (0.3m), 100cm (1m), 150cm (1.5m)

Power output: 2.8A

Interface: Micro USB

Product material: Oxidation-resistant aluminum alloy housing high strength fiber braided wire


Dobbo's standard cable wire offers you with a choice of wire that suits your needs. Either short or long, the C10 will suit your wiring needs.


Braided wire of your choosing - With braided wire, whether you pick short or long wire, the C10 will ensure that the wire will be resistant to bending and tangling.

2.8A output - The C10 is cable of charging faster regardless of the cable length thanks to its 2.8A power output.