Motivo M10 Portable Eye Massager

Available in three colors: red, pink and black

PHP 7,499.00/Piece

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Product Details

Eye strain can be a seriously exhausting and annoying thing to deal with. Just about everything we do these days involves having to stare at some kind of screens such as your mobile phone or LCD screen at work.

The new Motivo Eye Massager makes relaxing easy by delivering a unique way of handling such bodily nuisances. This comfy mask is like a pillow for the area around your eyes with built-in abilities to help erase those dark circles caused by eye strain. Portable by design, the Motivo Eye Massager brings to your eyes the power of massage with infrared heat, air pressure, and vibration massage which increases the oxygen supply to your eyes improving overall blood circulation and aiding in a much more enjoyable day. Relax even further with the integrated music player. Select from Yoga-inspired music, birds chirping, running waves, and many other ambient music and sounds, all of which promise to dive you deeper into relaxation. Supports English, Chinese, and Korean languages. Comes in colors pink, lilac, and red.