Motivo S10 Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Available in two colors: red and black

PHP 999.00/Piece

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Product Details

Weight: 70 grams

Power: 3W

Frequency: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Product size: 50x33 mm

Signal-to-noise ratio: >= 80 dB

Battery: 3.7V

Bluetooth version: 4.2

#FeelTheSound of the small but awesome S10 mini Bluetooth speakers! The combination of quality and lightweight makes the S10 a perfect speaker for anyone on the go especially when traveling or as a part of their own entertainment system.

Lightweight - At 70 grams and the size of a tennis ball, the S10 is truly light and can be fitted even too tight areas. Its size is also one of the reasons it can be placed almost anywhere in the area.

Bluetooth 4.2 - The S10 is currently equipped with Bluetooth version, 4.2. Bluetooth 4.2 reduces power consumption while keeping a similar communication range to older generations of Bluetooth.

Quality surrounding - The S10 is capable of making high-quality audio surrounding using the finest audio materials for better sound quality. Small but perfect.