Polintan-Agpasa Construction

We provide sound construction practices resulting to quality, on-budget, on-time and safe completion of projects.

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Product Details

Engaged in general and sub-contracting infrastructure and building projects with top reputable private construction firms, clients, designers and consultants. With many years of acquired and applied knowledge in project management, quality control and engineering works with a sufficient capitalization, the company’s vision is to become one of the top companies in the construction industry with a mission to serve the needs of the people through quality and well-engineered structures. with PCAB License

 Contract packages include:

 1. Labor and Materials (Lumpsum or measured)

 2. Supply of Labor only with supervision

 3. Design and Build

 4. Project Management only

 Hope to be of service to you soon. Godspeed.

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mobile: 0917-650-2421

landline: 714-83393

please visit our website: http://polintan-agpasa.com.ph/