K-Beauty Whitening and Anti-Oxidant Soap by K-POP Skin

PHP 76.00/Piece

5 Pieces Minimum Order

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Product Details

An all-natural antioxidant soap that whitens, nourishes, and brightens for a more radiant younger, healthy looking you. Transform skin from dull, dark and blemished to clear, supple and rosy-white in minutes.

K-Beauty soap contains anti-Bacterial and antioxidant properties that protect your skin against bacteria and free radicals, keeping your skin clean, fresh and supple after washing. You can enjoy deep cleansing, skin firming, restores barriers and help with collagen production, erasing years in minutes.

This luxurious moisture-rich whitening soap leaves your skin with a thick and creamy lather without being heavy or greasy while visibly removing dark spots and blemishes and enveloping your senses with the sweetly calming natural fragrance and richness of brightening extracts.