Lasap Sisig Seasoning Food Mix

Lasap Sisig - Pinoy classic dish made easy!

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Product Details

Lasap Sisig Seasoned Mix 40g

Suggested Receipe:

1kg of meat

Lasap Sisig Seasoning Mix 50g

Chopped onions

Cooking Instructions:

1. Wash and boil 1 kg meat until tender. Drain & cut into small pieces.

2. Add Lasap Sisig Seasoning and mix well. Marinate for 5 to 10 minutes.

3. In a pan, fry the marinated meat (no need to add oil) for 5 to 10 minutes with constant stirring and add chopped onions.

4. Best served in a pre-heated sizzling plate

Optional: Add 1 fresh egg, calamansi and chopped siling labuyo on top

Pinoy classic dish made easy!