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The “Sprinkler” is a heat sensing device. Sprinkler Systems are of various types, temperature ranges and designs. The heat sensing element of the Sprinkler is pointed to the floor or to the area most prone to fire. The other end of the Sprinkler is connected to a network of pipes storing water under high pressure.


When there is a fire, near a Sprinkler; whose temperature is higher than the temperature rated value of the, heat sensing element in the Sprinkler. The bulb present inside the Sprinkler, or the heat sensing device bursts and water now flows through the Sprinkler Systems under pressure directly on to the fire affected area.


We are offering the ff. services:

1. Ducting Works, Supply and Installation

2. Exhaust and Fresh Air Blower Supply

and Installation

3. Fire Sprinkler System

4. Supply and Installation of Air Conditioner

5. Steel and Stainless Fabrication

6. Cold Storage System/ Walk-in Freezer/Chiller

7. Supply and Installation of Chilled Water

System, Water Cooled System and HVAC

8. Kitchen Equipment Fabrication

9. Smoke Detector and Heat Detector

10. Mechanical Preventive and Maintenance

11. Mechanical Design and Consultation

12. Fire Suppression System


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