Are you tired of stress creeping up on your body and mind?

PHP 70,888.00/Cubic Centimeter

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Product Details

1. Zero gravity design, free adjustment of massage angle

2. Shoulder position detection function

3. The massage manipulator massages from the neck to the back, waist and buttocks. Walking up and down, kneading, massage, shiatsu,, patting and knocking

4. Heating massage of back calf

5. Whole body airbag massage

6. Large touch screen manual control (multiple modes are available for selection)

7. Foot roller massage

8. The legs can be adjusted telescopically

9. Bluetooth function

10. Blue breathing light design on the side armrests

11. ABS+PU leather armrest

12. Thai stretching function

Dimension: 145*80*130cm

Weight: 81/99kg

For Preorder

Pickup from the warehouse

30 days

50% DP, balance upon arrival of the item