Trakkinn Pro

Trakkinn Pro is an advanced web based fleet management software that provides the latest in fleet data analytics. Track location, fuel, driving behaviour, efficiency all in real-time.

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Product Details

Trakkinn helps logistics, delivery, and transport businesses reduce operating costs and raise

overall efficiency through its advanced GPS fleet tracking software.

The software (which can track motorcycles, cars, trucks, ships, or assets such as containers,

whether in the Philippines or abroad), reduces expense by avoiding excessive idling and

unnecessary side trips, saving on fuel costs, and unnecessary maintenance costs.

The system pays for itself in the savings and efficiency it brings to its customers.

Companies using the Trakkinn software, benefit from the system’s daily automated and entirely

customizable reports. Reports include the fleet’s daily activities (where each vehicle went, how

long it stayed there, where it stopped, total distance covered, if deliveries or jobs were

completed, etc.). Real-time alerts of important events are also provided so companies can take

immediate action, such as when there is excessive idling, excessive speeding, unnecessary side

trips or travelling outside a designated work area.

“No more guessing where your fleet is; no more headache trying to call your drivers to find out

where they are. Just look at the map and in see real-time the location of your entire fleet”

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