Manuka Honey 515MGO 250g

Functional New Zealand Manuka Honey 15+ Mono-Floral

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1 Case Minimum Order

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15+ Manuka honey is a tremendous, medicinal option. With a slightly sharper medicinal flavor than the 5+ and 10+ options, this is a serious functional honey. It can be used to lessen the effects of the common cold and is commonly used to heal wounds.

Stir this honey into hot drinks or smoothies to give them a big, healthful boost. It’s an amazing sore throat remedy and can be used to combat infection. 15+ is also often used for pet care, treating things like allergies, digestive issues, and even stomach ulcers.

Strength: Mellow/Medicinal

515mg Methylglyoxal per kg

250g / 8.8oz

12 x Units per case

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21 Days