Manuka Honey 260MGO 250g

Functional New Zealand Manuka Honey 10+ Mono-Floral

USD 178.00/Case

1 Case Minimum Order

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Product Details

Our 10+ is the lowest grade of Manuka honey that we recommend for medicinal use. It doesn’t offer significant levels of antibacterial activity when compared with our 15+ products, but there’s enough Methylglyoxal to make an impact. Some use it as a nutritional supplement, but it also aids in cell repair and, when used regularly, boosts immunity.

10+ Manuka Honey is wonderful stirred into hot drinks like tea, but also works great blended into smoothies and juices. And because our 10+ honey is so hydrating, it makes for a fantastic, nourishing facial mask to treat dry skin and acne.

Strength: Edible/Medicinal/Strong

260mg Methylglyoxal per kg

250g / 8.8oz

12 x Units per case

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21 Days