Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Each organization's cybersecurity needs are unique and require a customized approach.

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This is the process wherein we identify and scan the current risk, threat and security holes on a network, web and mobile application. It adopts a scanning approach which is 

done both manually and with certain tools. In here, the experts analyses the security's overall weaknesses that can help identify vulnerabilities.


A proof-of-concept approach to assess the security, explore or exploit a system or network's vulnerabilities by simulating an attacker's intrusion. Penetration Testing also 

validates the vulnerability that needs to be remediated or patched. In other words, the VA process demonstrate vulnerabilities while PT verifies the found vulnerability and how  bad it is.

If you have a web or mobile application and an office space with computers and other technological products which is connected to the internet-- a VAPT is recommended to prevent data breaches, cyber-crime activities and even company losses. A safe and secure environment brings profit and growth in the future!

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