Firefly Air Purifier with UVC Lamp

Air Purifier with UVC Emitting Lamps for Air Disinfection

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Product Details

FIREFLY Air Purifier with UVC Lights

***Availability this 3rd week of July, 2020***

You can reserve your units by contacting thru our FB Page - @optimedhealthcareph (FB messenger),

Email -

or call us at 0917-5289175, 09481914778

We also accept inquiries for sub-distribution.

FYP302 - Smart Air Purifier with UVC Light

FYP301 - Air Purifier with UVC Light, Medium

FYP202 - Air Purifier with UVC Light, Small

FYP201 - Air Purifier with UVC Light, Small

FYP101 - Air Purifier with UVC Light, Mini Compact

Filter Replacement Indicator - Prompts the user if unit’s filter needs new filter replacement to ensure maximum performance of disinfection to the room. It normally prompts on the 6th month of every filter’s life span.

3 to 4-Speed Fan Setting - Options of Low, medium, high and turbo speed setting to give you various ways to adjust preferred cleaning performance and efficiency.

Timer Options - Can be set between 1 to 9 hours for your convenience

Innovative Swiss Design - Created to achieve the best product value at a fraction of cost, The ideal partner for your office, bedroom or living room.

Auto Mode Function - Relax and let your air purifier automatically adjusts speed based on the air quality condition.

Digital Display - Have a peace of mind by knowing the current condition of your room’s air quality with PM2.5 Data

DC Motor from Japan - is durable and operates silently

Child Lock Feature - Equipped with unique lock feature to prevent unwanted changes in setting out of kid’s curiosity.

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Within 3 to 5 days starting product availability