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Full-time and part-time Web app and Mobile app developers

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Product Details

Have a development project you'd like to outsource? Or, are you looking for a project-based or contractual developer?

WeSoarHigh connects companies and startups to vetted freelance developers.

Why hire freelance developers?

  • No overhead costs. Your relationship with the developer ends after the project ends. WeSoarHigh will handle the rest.
  • Cost-effective. It's more cost-effective to hire freelancers than to have full-time staffing.
  • Freelancers are self-organizing and self-sufficient. Freelancers are experienced and proficient in the end-to-end processes from business analysis (requirements) to testing and deployment. They work independently with little to no supervision.
  • Specialized skills. Freelancers have concentrated skills, focusing on web development and mobile development.

About WeSoarHigh Freelancers

  • Our freelancers are Web and Mobile developers from the Philippines so we provide remote employment opportunities for them. 
  • 3 to 8 years of industry experience
  • Proficient in Web and/or Mobile development Technologies
  • We mentor freelance developers and assist them.
  • Safe and secure. NDA contracts, Privacy Policy, Data Privacy, etc. are signed by all parties -- client, WeSoarHigh, and freelance developer.

We take care of the matching. No need for Freelancers to bid, no need for you to sift through countless applicants -- saves time and money