Datacard® Syntera® Manufacturing Efficiency Manager

Enables complete control over the data that drives card issuance operations

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Product Details

Datacard® Syntera® manufacturing efficiency software enables complete control over the data that drives card issuance operations. With a single, powerful interface issuers can manage smaller job sizes, drive down cost-per-card and bring new card-based products and services to market faster.

- Distribute work to multiple systems or vendors

- Improve the security of sensitive cardholder data

- Increase yields and shorten cycle times


Intelligent control

Syntera software replaces paper-based and manual processes, enabling issuers to make better decisions. It delivers accurate information about every phase of the process, including load balancing for card personalization systems and quality assurance during card delivery and mailing processes.

Online tracking and reconciliation

Syntera software helps issuers make faster, more informed decisions about schedules, inventory levels, supplies and quality control to reduce bottlenecks and increase productivity. Real-time data and reporting deliver the information required to track systems, operator productivity, jobs and individual cards.

Broad compatibility

Syntera software is fully compatible with Datacard® card issuance solutions, including the Datacard® MX6000™ and Maxsys® card issuance systems, Datacard® card delivery systems and legacy systems, including Datacard® 9000 Series card issuance systems. This compatibility protects your current investment and helps ensure smooth implementation.