Good Leaf K-Pods (Morning Blend)

Coffee with Ashitaba

PHP 450.00/Box

1 Box Minimum Order

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Product Details

Ashitaba originated from Hachijo Island in Japan. During the Shogun Era, exiles who were expected to deteriorate from the harsh conditions of the Izu Islands were instead rewarded with a longer life span and healthier bodies because of the fast growing and miraculous Ashitaba Leaf. Ashitaba contains Chalcone which contains a lot of nutrients beneficial to the human body.

Strengthens the immune system

Acts as detoxifying agent

Helps regulate blood pressure

Helps control blood sugar level and prevent diabetes

Keeps the pH balance in the body

Acts as an antibacterial and anti-flammatory agent

Helps increase the body metabolism and aids in weight loss

Helps in premenstrual syndrome

Helps reduce muscular and joint pains

Helps overcome gastrointestinal disorders

Helps increase the good cholesterol in the body

Helps prevent anemia

Helps prevent constipation

Helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia

Helps accelerate wound healing

Helps increase concentration and attention

Has anti-aging properties

1 box contains 6 pods, 30g each.

if you do not have coffee maker, you can use coffee presser. one pod can be used twice.

Delivery details: LBC/J&T/JRS
Payment: GCash/BPI/BDO/Unionbank
Delivery Lead Time: 5-7 days