Mazapan de Pili

Special Mazapan de Pili - Gold Bars 100% Pili Nuts. Always Freshly-Made.

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Product Details

Approximate Size: 7 inches X 2.5 inches X 3/4 inches Approximate Weight 230-250 grams

The original Angell’s Mazapan de Pili is the best variety of mazapan since it was produced since 1985 in Albay. It is not only delicious but also nutritious because it is 100% pure pili nut.

The Pili nut is a nutritious powerhouse that deserves to be called a superfood. It is packed with healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. It is also amazingly low in carbohydrates as it has the lowest carb count of all nuts worldwide.

It also fights cancer-causing free radicals, reduces bad cholesterol, supports bone health, and is a great source of magnesium and vitamin E.