Good Sense Calamansi Concentrate with Honey

Boost your immune system with Good Sense Calamansi Concentrate with Honey 800ml.

PHP 240.00/Bottle

6 Bottles Minimum Order

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Product Details

Preparation: Mix 1 part of Calamansi Concentrate to 7 parts of cold or hot water.

Calamansi has a lot of minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin C which is essential to building immunity.

It provides immunity against viral and bacterial infections.

Drinking this juice on a regular basis helps build immunity against the common cold, flu and fever.

Great as an ice-cold drink or hot drink. Start your day with a warm cup of lemonade or relax with ice-cold calamansi juice after work.

Ice-cold calamansi can replace your child's favorite softdrink so he/she can also reap the benefits of vitamin-rich calamansi.

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