VETlabs Feline Peritonitis Detection Kit

Use for the detection of Feline Infectious Peritonitis

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Product Details

VETlabs Peritonitis Detection Kit, which is developed and manufactured by Bioguard Corporation, can differentiate a transudate from an exudate. When the exudate contains reaction-positive proteins, it forms an effusion drop, which precipitates in the reaction solution. The formation of precipitated products, teardrop-shaped, mists or smears can be observed during the test. In contrast, the transudate will completely dissolve in the reaction solution during the sedimentation. Each box contains 6 test kits including 6 reaction tubes with acetic acid solution, 6 droppers, 6 dye-containing tubes, and an instruction manual.


  • 6 test kits per box
  • 6 reaction tubes containing acetic acid solution
  • 6 droppers
  • 6 dye-containing tubes
  • 1 instruction manual

Specimen type:

    Ascites, Pleural effusion