Dynapharm Ganoderma Chocolate Drink

Anti worms

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Enjoy all the health benefits of Ganoderma and the rich flavor of chocolate.

Ganoderma Lucidum is the fruit body of a fungus known as Ling Zhi or Reishi in Westurn countries.

It has been used as a Chinese medicinal herb and as a tonic and sedative for over 2000 year. It is a precious Chinese traditional medicine, which has been recommended by physicians in treating different diseases.

Gano is non-toxic and promotes long life without harmful side effects. The Ling Zhi farm in Malaysia provides a better quality of Gano, keeping its three important compounds intact:





Refined sugar, Non-dairy Creamer (contains milk protein), Cocoa and Ganoderma Extract.

Traditional Uses:


•Eliminates exhaustion


•Dissolve one sachet of Instant Chocolate. Mixture with Ganoderma Powder into a cup of hot water.

Drink as needed.


7 business days maximum

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