Hitachi AW100, High Pressure Washer

High Pressure Washer

PHP 6,000.00/Box

1 Box Minimum Order

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Product Details

Cleaner surroundings, cleaner vehicles, cleaner walls , and cleaner life.

Hitachi is making sure to inspire the next.

With its 1400W of power that includes 7 Mega-pascals of pressure force waiting to be unleashed.

Includes the following accessories for you to take home.
- Trigger gun.
- High-pressure hose of 5 meters.
- Variable nozzle.
- Detergent bottle nozzle.
- Water feed connector.
- Nozzle cleaner pin.
- Cord holder.
- Gun holder.
- Handle with 2 screw attachments.

Land, Sea

3 Working Days

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