Business Registration Services

Business Registration

PHP 15,000.00/Month

1 Month Minimum Order

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Product Details

The Business Registration Services includes the preparation of the necessary forms, supporting documents and subsequent filing with the following government agencies:

1.       Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) - (1 to 3 weeks) 

A.        Application for Business Name

B.        Submission of Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws

C.        Payment of Filing Fees

D.        Securing of Certificate of Registration

2.       Barangay (1-3 days)

A.      Securing of barangay clearance

3.       City Hall (1 – 2 weeks)

A.      Securing of business permit and municipal license

4.       Bureau of Internal Revenue (1-2 weeks)

A.      Registration of business

B.      Securing of Certificate of Registration

C.      Securing of Books of Account

D.      Processing of Authority to print and printing of Official Receipt

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