Cutlery / Utensils

Cutlery / Utensils

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For hygienic purposes, you need cutlery to enjoy every dish. That includes a spoon and fork. Of course, you have them at home, but what if you need many of them for a party or for your food business? DONEWELLâ„¢ plastic cutlery is the answer.

Plastic Consumer Corporation recognizes the need for disposable cutlery for home and business use. We are a proud manufacturer and distributor of spoons, forks and other kinds of plastic disposable utensils in the Philippines. Whether for wholesale or home-use, you can easily purchase and pick-up our products in Binondo, BGC, Valenzuela or Laguna.

With DONEWELLâ„¢ line of plastic cutlery, you can throw a successful party and allow your guests to enjoy great food. Your customers will also appreciate that you have the right cutlery.

  • Spoon
  • Fork
  • Knife
  • Spork
  • Ice Cream Spoon
  • Toy Spoon
  • Mini Spoon
  • Siomai Fork
  • Chopsticks