Bag Closing Machine Head

Bag Closing Machine Head

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Product Details

DS - C

Single Needle machine exclusively for crepe tape Bound closing of filled multi-wall paper. Equipped with mechanically operated lever controlled Cutting mechanism for automatic cutting of Crepe tape. Maximum speed: 1400 rpm Seam: Double thread chain stitch

DS - 2 II

Single needle machine for plain closing of all kinds of Filled bags made of multi-wall paper, PP/PE  woven cloth, Jute, cotton bags, etc. Equipped with mechanically operated continuously running thread chain cutting knives. The operator has to guide the thread chain between these knives for cutting the thread chain at the end of the seam. Maximum speed: 1400 rpm Seam: Double thread chain stitch.


An improved model of DS-6, and effects higher speed than Model DS-6. Uses needle bearings and increasing oilers and oiling tubes. Has a built-in air cylinder operated cutter installed. Capacity Up to 750 bags per hour Max Speed: 1,800 rpm Seam: Double Thread Chain Stitch

DS - 9C

The fastest needle bag closing machine. For all filled bags. Well-balanced rotational parts. Little vibration. Ideally suited for use with speed bag filling lines where conveyor speed can realistically be achieved. All parts are against the effects of dust. A unique but simple enclosed oil bath lubrication system greatly extends the life of moving parts and reduces maintenance costs. DS-9C is an automatic machine for both plain and crepe tape bound closings, equipped with an air-operated cutter. Max Speed: 2,700 rpm Seam: Double Thread Chain Stitch.