Roller Grill Gas Griddle

Roller Grill Gas Griddle

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Product Details

Cooking plate (600 mm) enameled steel (10 mm thick) to quickly grasp meats, bacon, fish, hamburgers, sausages, onions but also fried eggs, omelets. 2 independent cooking zones.

Rapid rise in temperature to 300 ° C. Healthy and fast cooking thanks to the perfectly smooth surface of the plate for direct heat transfer to the food to be cooked.

Perfectly homogenous cooking without loss of heat in the periphery thanks to the 6-star star burners covering the entire cooking surface.

Easy maintenance: Evacuation of juice and grease in the fully removable drawer (Capacity: 1L).

Equipment: 2 burners 6-star branches, 2 regulation buttons with idle position, Piezo ignition, safety thermocouples. Delivered in propane-butane with GN injector pocket. Stainless steel construction and reinforced insulation.”