Roller Grill Electric Salamander

Roller Grill Electric Salamander

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Product Details

With a ceramic hob in the upper part, the electric salamander with mobile roof SEM 600 PDS can defrost, brown, glaze, gratinate, grill toasts, gratins, pizzas, onion soups without preheating. The free passage of the vault allows using all the dimensions of dishes. This salamander SEM 600 PDS presents a global technological innovation a glass-ceramic salamander equipped with a plate detection system.

Flat Detection System (PDS): for use “” shotgun”. Once the PDS function is selected using the control button, the contact of the dish with the stainless steel bar above the grid automatically triggers the heating of the Vitro-ceramic fireplaces. As soon as the dish is removed, the hearths go out. Instant cooking and energy saving.

Easy maintenance: the stainless steel detection bar is completely removable.

Energy doser: The most precise regulation to date for vitroceramic hearths. Example: mini position to maintain temperature; Max position to grab a dish. Precise and varied cooking.

Switch to select the heating zone: Independent control of heating zones. Flexibility and control of energy.