DEEP CLEAN (Carpet & Upholstery Shampooing with Stain Removal)

Customize a deep clean plan to zap germs, stains and odor from your carpets, couches, and beds!

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Product Details


Deep Clean 

(Upholstery & Carpet shampooing and stain removal with the use of an Extractor)

*(not steam cleaning nor dry cleaning). 

*Our Extractor machine is made in Germany.

Zap the germs, foul odors, and stains from your upholstery and carpets. This is highly recommended for people with allergies and for carpets and upholstery that have not been cleaned for more than a year. 

All upholstery/carpet have different rates and standard cleaning time depending on the size and seating capacity.


For stains, foul odors, deep seated dirt & dust and longer drying time (due to type of material / fabric / cushion / foam), 

*Clients will have to avail the Deep Cleaning extension time 



We do not Deep Clean the ff: MEMORY FOAM Bed/Others, GEL BED, WATER BED, LEATHER, LEATHERETTE/FAUX LEATHER, SILK AND COTTON and the like as these might get damaged by our Extractor Machine.


Our extractor machine and blowers are high powered equipment.

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