Marusugi Eagle M Roof Tile

Marusugi Eagle M Roof Tile

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Product Details

MARUSUGI EAGLE M tile remains faithful to the traditional Mediterranean-inspired roof while adding a refreshing twist in the form of this rolling profile.  The graceful M-curve will perfectly cover typical Mediterranean roofs as well as modern architectural projects, taking advantage of MARUSUGI’S ability to withstand the test of time.

Technical Information

Dimensions (mm) 350 x 320

Unti Weight (kg)         3.3

Exposed Width (mm) 305

Exposed Length (mm) 280

Tiles per Sqm         12

Weight per Sqm (kg) 39.6

Available Colors:

  • Burning Black
  • Burning Red
  • Clear Mat
  • Light Brown
  • Rusty Green
  • Silver Black
  • Straight Black