Residential Solar Package A: 1.59 Kilowatts

1.59 Kilowatt System

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Product Details

Lower your electric bill and harness the power of the sun. KAWARA introduces an elegant solution for integrating Solar Power Systems into residential homes with basic packages that provide solar technology to its’ clients. We take into consideration a client’s individual energy requirements as well as on-site conditions to offer Residential Solar System Packages that are affordable and that generate savings for homeowners.

Residential Solar System Packages include Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Distribution Boxes, cables and other accessories.

Technical Information

Solar Panels6 Pcs.                 265 Watt Monocrystalline

Solar Panel Dimensions        1,640 mm x 922 mm x 40 mm

Solar Panel Weight                22 kg per piece

Tempered Glass Thickness    3.2 mm

Solar Cell Specifications        MonoCrystalline Silicon 156mm x 156mm

No. of Cells per Panel            60

Solar Inverter                       TP T1500TL Grid Tie Inverter with Wi-Fi Monitoring