Tinted Glass

Tinted Glass

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Product Details

Tinted colored glass is produced by adding traces of metals such as cobalt, iron and selenium durihng the production of ordinary clear glass. The result is a heat-absorbing, transparent colored glass that can come in different shades.

Aside from its heat absorbing properties, tinted glass, coming in at various colors, also lend an aesthetic appeal to infrastructures. The thicker the glass, the deeper the color shade the glass will have. Chain Glass Enterprises, Inc. tinted glass can come in different shades of blue, green, gray, bronze and pink. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, tinted glass can also be processed (tempered, laminated, double glazed / insulated glass unit) with our company, for added protection and security.

Benefits of Tinted Colored Glass

  • Heat Reduction
  • Glare Reduction
  • Aesthetic Applications