Reflective Glass

Reflective Glass

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Product Details

Reflective glass is a kind of glass with a metallic coating at the back. The result is a glass, reflective enough to bounce off heat and radiation, but not enough to act as a mirror.

Reflective glass involves spraying and coating metallic oxidants on either surface of glass substrates. Since the coating moderates the reflectance of both heat and radiation, buildings fitted with reflective glass have reduced heating costs. Reflective glass also makes for aesthetically pleasing choices, with different colors, ranging from blue to green to pink.


  • Glare and Heat Control – Metallic coating of reflective glass helps keeps a constant temperature inside the buildings by bouncing off heat and radiation coming from the outside.
  • Visibility – The metallic coating at the back can limit the ability of people from outside from looking in, preserving privacy of inside activities. This can also be useful to hide wires, cables and other building mechanicals.
  • Exterior Appearance – The range in color and reflective properties of the glass offers an aesthetically appealing element to buildings.