Ultra Clear glass

Ultra Clear glass

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Product Details

Ultra Clear glass is produced by reducing the iron content during manufacturing. The result is a kind of glass with a reduced greenish tint, usually found in ordinary clear glass.

As the name suggests, ultra clear glass provides a higher visual clarity, accentuating the colors of the objects of view on the other side, making it an obvious choice for when true colors and clarity are of high importance. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, ultra clear glass also provides for a better base for white glazkote (paint) applications, offering a crisper white without the greenish tint.


  • Higher Clarity – Compared to its normal clear glass counterpart, Ultra Clear glass offers higher clarity and visual appeal.
  • Base Glass – Due to its higher clarity, Ultra Clear glass is a better choice for glazkote (paint) applications as it is able to better show a crisper color.
  • Visibility – Objects on the other side are better seen with Ultra Clear glass, as compared to ordinary clear glass, due to its outstanding light transmission properties.