King Wash Fabric Softener

King Wash Fabric Softener

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Product Details

Need a solution for those itchy and rough clothes that you can never feel fully comfortable in? Try Kingwash Fabric Softener! It leaves your clothes conditioned, feeling soft and smelling fresh after every wash! You won’t ever have to worry about those itchy t-shirts and jackets and, instead, you will feel the comfort you deserve!

• Brings out the softness and freshness of your laundry after every wash

• High in active ingredients that easily penetrates into fabric fibers to soften and condition the fabric

• Provides a softer feel while also eliminating static cling between fabric fibers

• Has fragrance enhancers to provide longer lasting scent

• SAFE for delicate fabrics and various types of clothing material

• SAFE for hand-washing and machine use (suitable for hot or cold usage)

• Made out of100% biodegradable and eco-friendly derived softener agents that decomposes by natural processes

• Requires less usage of per load that lowers cost per wash

Scents Available

• Baby Fresh

• Soft Breeze

• Fresh Petal

• Tropical Fresh

Areas of Application:

• Linen