Feedmate Mineral Booster

Feedmate Mineral Booster

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Product Details

Minerals are not only supplemental to the growth of livestock but are necessary ingredients needed by the animals. In the absence of these minerals in their daily food, the animals tend to sustain their requirement by eating dirt, wood, floor, ropes and other things found in their environment.  In doing so, the animals become susceptible to bacteria and health hazards like Clostridium tetani.

Characteristics and Benefits

  • High Mineral Content - because of high mineral content of Feedmate Mineral Booster your livestock gets the right amount of minerals needed for their growth
  • Low moisture
  • Low impurities
  • Uniformly Fine Grains
  • Handy Packs
  • Good for wet and dry feeding

Minerals found in Feedmate

  • Calcium - vital for bone formation, milk production and muscular contractions.
  • Chlorine - regulates blood pH and enzyme activity.
  • Copper - for bone and blood formation and as growth promotant.
  • Iodine - effects thyroid function and animal activity.
  • Iron - for hemoglobin formation and oxygen carrying in blood.
  • Magnesium - prevents irritability and maintains body equilibrium
  • Manganese - important for metabolism, skeletal strength, blood clotting and reproduction.
  • Selenium - increases sperm motility
  • Zinc - essential for proper immune function and health.
  • Sodium - good for muscle function and body fluid balance.

Feedmate Uses

Feedmate Mineral Booster specially formulated for Hogs/Pigs to help them fight against mineral deficiencies which causes them to have:

  • Still birth during pregnancy
  • Decreased milk production
  • Decrease appetite
  • Infertility
  • Anemia
  • Weak immune system
  • Impaired appetite and digestion
  • Deficiency leads to cravings, pica, licking walls, drinking urine

Feedmate Mineral Booster can be use on other brand of feeds either on wet or dry.  To know the right amount of minerals needed by your animals and information on how to make your hogs/pigs more profitable, contact us and our sales representative will happy to assist you.

For Hogs and Pigs

Available in packs

400 grams, 200 grams, 100 grams