Fidel Iodized Salt

Fidel Iodized Salt

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Product Details

Features and Benefits

  • The First locally-produced iodized salt endorsed by the Department of Health
  • Highest quality local iodized salt
  • The most widely-used Iodized Salt in the country
  • Guaranteed with Iodine

FIDEL Iodized Salt vs. Other Salt Brand

  • more competitive in price
  • the same in quality of salt
  • locally-produced, therefore helps create livelihood

FIDEL Iodized Salt vs. Other Repacked Iodized Salt

  • More trusted brand than other repacked iodized salt
  • Produced under a BFAD registered/approved manufacturing process

These Products are available in

1 kilo
12 packs
500 grams
24 packs
250 grams
48 packs