Sapphire® 6-In-1 Heat Press Machine

Sapphire® 6-In-1 Heat Press Machine

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Product Details

Bring functionality and convenience to your business with the Sapphire® 6-in-1 Multi-function Heat Press Machine. With a variety of use, this heat press machine delivers performance beyond that the standard heat press can offer. 

This includes a t-shirt press for garments, cap press for head gears, mug press and tumbler press for drink wares, and plate press for table wares both for functionality and decorative use. The 6-in-1 heat press is electronically and digitally controlled with an easy adjustment for pressure providing an even heat distribution that gives a totally reliable performance!

Machine dimensions:

T-shirt Press: 30x38 cm

Mug Press: 5-7.5 / 7.59 cm 

Plate Press: 11cm/ 15 cm 

Cap press: 14X8.5 cm