Dye Ink for Brother CISS

Dye Ink for Brother CISS

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Product Details

Our water-based dye ink is 100% compatible with your ink-jet printer. This ink is made up of high quality imported materials and had passed  three grade filtration that cleans all impurities and assures that it will never clog the nozzle.

The ink is tested under low and high temperature to keep the ink’s chemical stability. The image color printed with  this ink is 100% same as original ink. Our "Anti-UV indoor dye ink” has a waterproof property. The colors will not fade when wet even the  image is printed on the common paper. The black color ink Anti-UV ability can reach 6th grade,other color can reach to 4th grade, with stable quality, strong weather resistance. This ink is suitable for continuous printing.


FOB Price: Call or Text for Best Deal

Ink Type: High Quality UV Dye (PRO)

Colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black

Ink Volume: Available in 100 ml. ~ 1 Liter

Packaging: Neutral. No Branding

Availability: Available

Supply Ability: 10000pcs / month