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Product Details

The HRIS is composed of three modules; Human Information, Time and Attendance, and Payroll.

The Human Resource Informationmodule keeps track of the records of employees. The Time and Attendance module monitors the attendance of the employees by recording their time in/out in real time.

The Payroll module computes the employee’s salary by checking the time and attendance and considering benefits and deductions of the employees.


Web based, device agnostic that is accessible in any platform or devices.

? Any popular web browser will work and does not need to install any proprietary

executable application.

? Attendance Module's Real Time recording of Time In/Out to the system server so

that section heads can check in real time who are absent especially those who

are AWOL for several days already.

? Calendar based and color coded shift scheduling, attendance monitoring, and

problem monitoring.

? Bundled with Facial Recognition Biometric device to avoid the spread of virus or

any contagious disease due to touch on finger scan biometric device.

? Bundled with Touch Screen Kiosk so that employees with no computer or

network access can check their personal HR information and print their needed

personal employee information.

? User friendly Home Dashboard to file Request for Time Off, Request Change

Shift, File Overtime, File Under-time, File Offset, File Training & Seminar

attendance, File Hourly Attendance for Doctors with continuous man-hours like

40 hours per week for regular and 20 hours per week for consultants.

? Capable to handle the Hospital's gliding, flexitime, and shifting schedules.

? Workflow process of approval of the above Dashboard features according to the

Hospital's process of approval.

? Secured access according to admin or user credentials on different modules,

features, and menus.

? Limit users on who can view, add, edit, delete, print, and export information from

the system.

? Employee Management Module with complete and customizable metadatas that

include Personal Info, Educational Info, Family Info, Payroll Info, Other

Income/Deduction, Work History, Training/Seminars, Performance Evaluation,

Service Record, and others as required.

? Complete Payroll Module features for Hospitals that include unique payroll

requirements for hospitals.