Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum Die Casting

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Aluminum Die Casting

Metalcast uses the latest Toshiba Die Casting Machines with casting capacity of 200 tons to 800 tons. Metalcast uses a new central Striko furnace to efficiently supply these machines with molten aluminum. Metalcast also has supplementary Hommel Furnaces for alternate grades of aluminum.

Metalcast currently melts 3 grades of Aluminum; ADC 3, ADC 6 and ADC 12.

Metalcast has strict processes and guidelines that monitor the

chemical composition of the raw materials used for the casting process. Metalcast utilizes an in-house Shimadzu Spectrometer 

that analyzes the chemical composition of each batch of raw material delivery as well as melted aluminum to ensure that the part complies to the international standards of the specified raw material. These processes, combined with Metalcast's expert technical team that monitors production variables and machine maintenance, ensure that the customers always received the best quality casting from Metalcast.