Die Mold Design / Fabrication

Die Mold Design / Fabrication

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Die Mold Design / Fabrication

Metalcast has an expert team of Mold Designers and Die Mold Fabricators. Armed with over 40 years of experience and top notch design software, Metalcast’s record of producing high quality dies are unmatched. Metalcast can create single or multiple cavity molds based on the customer’s needs.

Metalcast’s mold guarantee ensures a cost effective and hassle-free production of your part. Metalcast’s mold fabrication and mold maintenance processes ensure that the forecasted mold life would be achieved and that no mold related production stoppage or costs will surface. 


In Metalcast’s machine shop, the most experienced die mold designers use the highest grade steel and the newest conventional and CNC machines to make our molds. We use DMG, Makino, Bridgeport/Hardinge and Fanuc CNC machines, as well as a number of assorted conventional and EDM machines.

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